Estación Futuro

Espacio, tiempo y emoción

    Estación futuro / Inauguración espacio, tiempo y emoción
    Videojuegos independientes, comisariado por Javier Candeira

    Viernes 6 de noviembre, 20.30 h

    Espacio, Tiempo y Emoción (Space, Time and Emotion) is the title of Javier Candeira’s second programme for Estación Futuro (Future Station). This selection of six independent video games involves emotions such as love, loss, satisfaction, betrayal and deception, proving that the kinetic art of video games involves more than adrenaline-based emotions. 

    You can play Braid by Jonathan Blow, World of Goo by 2D Boy (Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler), ROM CHECK FAIL by Jarrad Woods, Enviro-Bear 2010 by Justin Smith, The Graveyard from Tale of Tales (Michaël Samyn and Auriea Harvey), and Polaris by Robert Yang.

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