The central district of Arganzuela is known for its rich and organised cultural and professional fabric. There is an abundance of private spaces in this district that are involved in art training: independent spaces, theatres,  printers and publishers, informal artistic spaces and even public infrastructures in which new management and governance models are debated. Public spaces are disputed and subjected to constant negotiation, as also happens in city centres: new cultural ventures spring up, new markets and street markets, local parks and urban parks, major sports and educational facilities and municipal spaces dedicated to culture that awaken the interest of a broad sector of the population who benefit from them and are actively involved in their being built. Matadero is the enormous cultural infrastructure on which official contemporary culture gravitates, and in this sense, Matadero is Arganzuela.

The Mirador programmes, in Arganzuela and Usera, are the result of the collaboration between the Matadero Madrid cultural container and the cultural spaces and centres of these two neighbouring districts..

Neighbourhood and grassroots culture and popular culture meet young and innovative proposals. Both districts are scenarios for artistic projects from every discipline. Through workshops, get-togethers, exhibitions, tours, concerts and projections, and having as a common thread the vision of the social and cultural fabric of the neighbourhood, we will seek to recover and update artistic techniques and trades: photography, fashion and other applied arts.

Intermediæ’s annual programme comprises people and collectives, projects and proposals that bring together creators and all manner of spaces, networks and practices. With this philosophy that has inherited the logics of open culture, we put together a programme that is carried out both within and without the walls of Matadero Madrid. This is the philosophy we apply when it comes to drawing up the programme for Mirador Arganzuela and Usera. We seek and facilitate contact between grassroots culture and initiatives and agents chosen for their key roles, their knowledge and their experiences in the reality of each of these two districts.      

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